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dOP Die Band mit Glied
Deep music, organic style, from Paris

These three arguments are the best way to describe the new band project dOP which was created by Clement Aichelbaum (beat programming), Damien Vandesande (keyboards and horns) and Jonathan Illel (lyrics and vocals).
All three were born in 1980 and know each other for over 20 years now. The first music project they did together was a rock?n roll cover band for the ÑMusic Dayì in France in 1994. After this the guys made many experiences in different music styles like hip-hop, jazz and reggae and also started serveral band projects.

An important influence for there musical career was the african state Mali. Because one of their best friends is Toumani Sangare (movie director) who invited Jonathan, Damien and Clement for several times and introduced them to a lot of malian folk composer like Ali Farka Tour, Sibiri Samake and  Cheick Tidiane Seck. They made music together and released some records on the label Mali K7.

Five years ago they started composing electronic music in their own style. From this point dOP was born and the first high rated realeses and remixes on the labels MilnorModern, Circus Company, Eklo and Einmaleins followed in 2007 and 2008. Another import and famous person for their development in this business was Nicolas Sfintescu of Noze, because they share the same idea to make organic dance music in classical way of composing with real instruments and voice. Not only thinking about music, also dividing the studio and sharing instruments is the best way to delienate the relationship between them.

Here you can see their love for playing and collecting organic instruments such as flutes, horns, percussions, glockenspiel, saxophone and many more. Most of the time they are together in the studio and work in a very collective way. This is also a very big tick for the amity between them, because most of the time they do all things together. Illness is also no reason to stay not together! That?s why you can feel their emotions in the music and also the messages about life with the lyrics by Jonathan. For the french band it?s very essential and traditional to speak about experiences, moments, past or future. dOP always try to give you a message. This are also reasons why they try to make everytime something different and show their feelings between sad- and happiness in the songs!

An additional passion of the three boys is to work in cooperations with friends, like Noze, Catz`n`Dogz, Sety, Dave Aju, Varoslav, Guy Gerber, Dj Koze, Guillaume & the Cotu Dumonts or in the projects Armarberokay with friends from Kassel and Enliven dOP Acoustuics from North Thuringia Germany.

In 2009 they released new Eps and Tracks on Circus Company, Eklo, Supplement Fact, Mothership, Children of tomorrow and Safari. Also they have done remixes for Get Physical, Rebirth, Peppermint Jam, Lezzismore, Electrochoc, Synchrophone , Brownswood Records and many more.
In the future they work for the first album what can be expected in 2010!

Don?t miss them on stage in the best clubs worldwide to enjoy the show and to get your own view if there music is dOP!

Schnall Dich an!