(Creaked / Lausanne)

In 2004, the beautiful Swiss city of Lausanne witnessed the emergence of Larytta, founded by artist-producers Guy Meldem and Christian Pahud.

After finishing up at the Lausanne-based art school ECAL, Guy became renowned with his own graphic design company Körner Union, and, aside from other collaborations, Christian is better known a member of the rock band Honey for Petzi.

Larytta took a creative path early on, and with their debut album Difficult Fun in 2008, they have become one of the most exciting acts in the country featuring lyrical modern pop with a variety of catchy electronic beats.

Larytta's music is really hard to describe. They bring together weird electronic beats, African rhythms, sing along melodies, hypnotizing voices, guitar loops, mainstream chorus, keyboards and crazy homemade noises created in Christian's and Guy's laboratory, all resulting in an innovative mixture of modern pop/soul and electro/techno, as well as inspired dashes of African music, hip-hop and R&B.