(Warp Records / Planet Mu / UK)

Since his 'Nuisance Gabberet' days back in 2006, Tim has been focusing on a new sound and direction; his efforts culminating in the most remarkable spaced-out windowlicking freak-show this side of the Sun...

With the stunning 'Family Galaxy' track doing the rounds as a limited single on Warp, the buzz is building for the incoming 'Listening Tree' album
(released 6th April on Warp Records and Planet Mu).

What we have here is some groundbreaking shit!
It's the first time we've heard someone really nail the twisted electronic pop thing that so many have tried. Impeccable production, sleek tweaks, mind bending arrangement and lyrics slot together to make this a deep, dark futuristic record. But dont expect easy-listening.. It's sort of like the music that will be made by bio-computers when they figure out how to wire a producer's mind & heart into your laptop.. :0)

However, no fucked up bio-robo-machine could ever bring the show that is Tim Exile live. With his home made 'live unit' mark 2, Tim improvises his way through loops & layers building up huge tracks only to be heard once before they melt into the album hits.


Prepare to become acquainted with the superpower of electronic performance.