(Deeply Rooted House / GE)

Crowdpleaser DJs since 1995 and produces since 2000. He played at clubs and festivals all over the globe, such as the Sonar Festival in Tokyo, Panorama Bar in Berlin or Fabric in London. Crowdpleaser has composed more than 30 maxis and remixes on various labels such as «Mental Groove», «Deeply Rooted House» or «Trapez», and a lot of his tracks can be found on prestigious compilations & mixes.

Between the dancefloor and the studio, Crowdpleaser develops music for the crowds. His remix for Quarion, recently released on Drumpoet, has been under the spotlight and taken on the latest compilation of the famous Fabric club in London. His new tracks, prepared with care, are about to be come on various labels among these, a maxi on Matthew Johnson’s label, Wagon Repair.