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Bang Goes


(Bruchstücke / Stattmusik / ZH)


dj bangGoes is a musican and artist. He lives in Zürich/Switzerland and works as a Sound Designer for their own 5.1 Multimedia Studio called zentralton. Together with Anders Guggisberg (Artist) and Christian Davi (Filmmaker) they handle the Audio Studio *zentralton studio* since 1998. zentralton is specalized doing edits and mixes for cinema films and tv productions. bangGoes plays as a resident dj at Rohstofflager in Zurich since 10 Years, also at the most popular clubs in and around zurich plays dj bangGoes regulary. 1990 escaped little bang goes with his mate and his girlfriend to London and he lived there for all most 1 year. He went to an English School daytime and visited bunches of parties and raves during the endless night times in this early times of house and techno. After this trip being a Londoner, he came back to Zurich and he felt deep inside that he wanted to create his own preferences of electronica music and so he get more and more involved with it. So in 1992 he produced with Rainer Flury (Dada_Schimpfluch) his first record called „A Saucerful of Flavours“ (ASF Records) Later he joined the audio artists „SO21“ at Radio LoRa Kunstradio“ and he made several radio plays under the name of „Rübezahl & Sägezahn“. The sound turned more into words (most swiss-german) and backwards to reversed alphorns and recycled cowbells. That time he made about 8 humoristic swiss radioplays and several performances at paries and galleries in Zürich/Kopenhagen/Hamburg. After another while he started to do projects with styro2000. Die galoppierende Zuversicht is the most popular one that became more often heard around zurich and even more around the hole world. They use selfmade and cheap (and some good) electronica music-machines and „put the things together“ to get the feeling of a real live-act at party events, includes alot of improvisation and re-action through this midi- clock triggerd sound. bang Goes produces still solo projects under labels such as: GS, Bruchstücke, Stattmusik and Motoguzzi.