(Tartelet / Studio !K7 / D)

Das Debüt von Brand Brauer Frick war einer der innovativsten Releases 2010. Mit You Make
Me Real (!K7) holten sie klassische Musik auf die Tanzfläche: Techno unplugged im
orchestralen Gewand.
Für Brandt Brauer Frick stellen die Schlagzeuge, Streichinstrumente und Klaviere, die seit jeher
das Fundament der abendländischen Musik bilden, das Bindeglied zwischen ihrer von der
Klassik geprägten Vergangenheit und ihrer vom Techno geprägten Gegenwart dar. Doch
während sie der Klangfülle orchestraler Instrumentierung verpflichtet sind, sind die mitreißenden
Tracks des deutschen Trios zugleich rhythmuszentriert und haben etwas von der mechanischen
Präzision eines Clubtracks mit Four-to-the-Floor-Beat. Ihre einzigartige Vision von akustischer
Tanzmusik verwirklicht sich bei ihren überwältigenden Live-Auftritten.



AKA AKA feat. Thalstroemlive

(Stil vor Talent / Burlesque Musique / DE)

Auf einer Berliner Openair-Party im Fru?hling 2008 lernten sich der gebu?rtige Saarla?nder Hannes
und der Emder Holger hinter den Decks kennen und scha?tzen. Gemeinsam konzentrieren sich die
beiden seitdem voll und ganz auf ihr Projekt AKA AKA, mit dem sie seit Ma?rz 2009 bei Oliver
Koletzkis Label Stil vor Talent unter Vertrag sind. Im Oktober 2009 gru?ndeten die beiden ihr
Label Burlesque Musique auf dem sie non-konformen von Balkan, Swing und Funk
beeinflussten Minimal und Techhouse releasen.
Live haben sich die beiden als DJs und Liveact einen Namen gemacht und sind in Berliner Clubs
wie dem Arenaclub, Watergate, Maria oder Ritter Butzke anzutreffen. Neben zahlreichen Gigs in
Deutschland, waren die beiden schon in Madrid, Moskau und Turin und Wien zu ho?ren.
Im Ma?rz 2010 spielten Hannes & Holger ihre 1. Live Perfomance mit ihrem Trompeter
Thalstroem im Watergate. Thalstroem, der neben der Trompete auch das Electronic Wind
Instrument spielt, steuert so eine weitere, fla?chige Ebene zu AKA AKAs Liveset bei, die ihr Set
noch treibender macht. Mit Thalstroem haben AKA AKA ihr Debütalbum produziert, das am 30.
Mai 2011 auf Burlesque Musique erschienen ist.




(Shitkatapult / Berlin)

 With all those sets, tractors, technicians, software forums, updates and MP3 subscription
discussions, we tend to forget about the nucleus of club music: record collectors. What we call
techno, house, and so on today, was developed in Detroit and Chicago in an atmosphere of party,
of mix tapes and of progressive radio shows. Styles, songs, ideas were mixed up, blended,
amalgamated and from lust, new lust arose.
DJ Lotti lives right in this atmosphere of record shelves, an endless source of love and
inspiration to him. Calling himself The Sorry Entertainers, he plays – no, he celebrates – music
on the open platforms of Berlin club culture (like Wilde Renate, Bar25, 1000,…). Soon he found
himself in a spiral, a maelstrom of ideas and of trying out. He found some friends to produce his
own songs with, which were already clearly defined in his head, which was already playing in
his ear. With producers and musicians Raz Ohara and M. Rux, he’s now releasing The Sorry
Entertainers – Local Jet Set.
An incredibly warm and more than referential album, floating and swinging from actual club hits
like Jeopardize or End of Times to amazingly deep Moonshiner, based on the vocals of late blues
and country star Roscoe Holcomb (courtesy of Folkways/Smithsonian). In between, there are
sounds of Hawaii and Tokyo, from Berlin and India, from the forties and the future. At no time
does this music get stuck in a genre, in a trend, but moves in all directions, in an untroubled and
airy fashion.
One of there first live appearances will be at the LETHARGY 2011 !!!



(Bruchstücke / Highgrade / ZH)

Once upon a time (to be exact, it was in the year 2000) two innovative DJs and Live-acts from
Zurich's techno-scene where booked together for a jam-session-gig at a small underground
venue.... the rest is history!
The great feedback from the audience combined with the fun of playing live with a lot of
machinery was the inspiration for Bang_Goes (Roland Widmer) and styro2000 (Marcel
Ackerknecht) continue with this constellation, and so, since then they play gigs and make tracks
together under the name „Die Galoppierende Zuversicht“.
The improvising and creating new grooves and sequences with drummachines, synthesizers and
self-developed gear on the fly, keeps the music fresh and every performance unique. With this
concept and their knowledge of how to move the dancefloor, the two swiss guys have played at
several festivals, raves and clubs like Mutek, Fusion, Burning Man, Vision, Panorama-Bar,
Privilege and many more...
The music is an amalgam of energetic drums and percussion, funky basslines, minimalistic
melodies and a pinch of acid, just the right sound to burn the dancefloor and to elevate your mind.
The LETHARGY-Residents will rock the place once again. Beware!


(Mottoguzzi / ZH)

In the best moments of a club night, time vanishes. It’s taken out of the equation. To borrow
from the writer Gertrude Stein: it’s when a groove is a groove is a groove. It must have been one
of these transcendent hours that led techno maven Chaton to bestow a huge compliment.
„Wandler is the best Swiss techno DJ“ the Geneva producer raved in October 2010, flanking his
point by a dozen exclamation marks.
Needless to say, Chaton is no rambling prophet. When Michael Stutz AKA Wandler is in the
groove, there’s hardly anything that can stop him. Having started to beatmix at the tender age of

thirteen, Wandler’s spotless deep techno sets have graced not only his club residencies at the
Zukunft and the Hive Club, but also countless gigs at venues like the Bar25 in Berlin, Batofar in
Paris, the WMF in Berlin or the Registratur in Munich.
The head DJ of Zurich’s Motoguzzi label, it was the sound of Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb and the
early Front 242 that made Wandler fall in love with electronic music. Plastikman and Studio 1
later intiated him to the sparse manners of minimal techno. Debuting in 2005 with the Tanzwut
EP on Littlebig Recordings, Mr. Stutz has stepped up his release schedule of late: Three raw,
clanging and intense EPs are to be released this spring on Motoguzzi, Kumquat and And then... .
Plus, a joint collaboration with Mastra has crystallized into a staggering 12inch on Mike
Shannon’s Cynosure imprint. You better believe the hype: Time is more than ripe for Wandler.
Right, it’s that moment.
After having his live debut at the LETHARGY in 2004, back with a fulminante live-set!
LETHARGY 2011 is looking forward to it !


(Suchtreflex/ Plumbum / MBF / Hamburg)

Frederic Möring-Sack and Christian Jonquieres have been releasing music under a number of
guises on their own labels, Suchtreflex and Plumbum since 2007. Their work as Phunklarique,
Dejonka and now Piemont, has won them a huge fanbase, headed by many of the DJ world's
leading lights. With a musical background that has encompassed Hip-Hop and song composition,

via Skate-Punk and Metal. It is quite a surprise to experience the deep and often dulcet tones of
Piemont's modern productions.
Their beat ridden tracks do include a certain kind of magic in terms of abstract funkiness and
soul which has been growing on people ever after they have listened to their tracks for the first
Many of their tracks have developed into evergreens, being played out for months and months.
Now Piemont is no more a upcoming force in the scene but an established member of the top
league of German producers with an international profile.
"Carbonat" and "Black Smoker" have been major hits but also "Plumbum" has evolved on a
premium track. With their acclaimed debut album on MBF, "Strange World Beyond", Piemont
have for the first time explored also deeper moments in their music.
The second album "Sand Hills" (Vinyl, CD, Digital) out now on their own imprint Suchtreflex.



(Bovinyl Moosick / True Tiger / UK)

The masked bass murderer hailing from Dover makes his debut at Regulate. Also part of the
True Tiger collective, Stenchman has worked his magic for years and has made dance floors
rattle with his trademark filthy bass and haunting melodies.



(Puppetmastaz / LA)


"Blake can get to the forefront of Hip-Hop's new tone due to his powerful presence, material and
not to mention his compelling voice which also has the ability to shift swiftly into other
characters-expanding into a new horizon from within the underground sound."

Over the years, Blake Worrell has developed a unique style which has recently been compared to
Hip-Hop with a Frank Zappa touch, and the excitement you'll feel at his live shows owes to the
originality and playfulness he infuses into the music.
He has been a resident in the German capital Berlin for nine years, seven of which he's been a
member of the Electro/HipHop group, The Puppetmastaz, playing more than 500 concerts
throughout Europe, with nearly half a million fans. 
"Music built the path I walk today and the journey continues"
Blake it up!




(Post World Industries / Barcelona)

Grey Filastine is a producer/musician based in Barcelona but rarely found there. Among his 60+ gigs last year you might have caught him at a club in London, on a junk raft floating down the Mississippi, at Shambhala festival in British Columbia, at a tiny breakcore party in Osaka, or in front of forty thousand at the Boulevards festival in Casablanca.

In any context it gets riotous- Filastine bangs out his music, jumping between a tangle of electronics, acoustic percussion, and an amplified shopping cart, firing off riddims and synchronized live video.

In 2006 Filastine dropped his debut release, Burn It, to much critical acclaim. Vibrant and original, Burn It made inroads among music fans from the hiphop, world, electronic, and experimental scenes; it was snatched up and re-released by French label Jarring Effects, Japanese  label Romz, and US anarcho-collective Crimethinc. Tracks from the album received airplay on the radio shows of Mary Anne Hobbes & John Peel, and in France peaked at #03 in national independent radio charts. Less visible are the spins on pirate stations across Latin America, or the more than fifty thousand downloads of his dj mix commissioned by Other releases include pirate mixtapes and a selection of sold-out vinyl.

With his sophmore album, Dirty Bomb, Filastine returns with a gritty transnational soundclash of urban rhythm. Freely splicing dubstep with balkan brass or hiphop with bollywood, Dirty Bomb parties in the mud puddle of our increasingly polluted world. Kick drums beat out rapid patterns for dances yet to be invented. Rich acoustic strings merge with programmed synths. Bits of field recordings and radio static degrade the signal. Each featured voice is sourced from an on-site collaboration.

Over the contorted crunk of "Hungry Ghosts" rap aboriginal Australian Wire mc and Japan's ECD, underground icons of their respective countries. Closing the album is teen gypsy La Perla, recorded in a squatted cave in Andalusia.

Before focusing on solo work Filastine founded the Infernal Noise Brigade, a 20-piece marching band that was the soundtrack of the globalization protests that opened this century, starting with the blockade of the Seattle WTO summit. The Infernal Noise Brigade was purpose-built to bring music to political movements in the street.

Filastine is a project to do the reverse, pumping the immediacy of the street through sound systems.





(Greco-Roman / UK)

Drums Of Death is the frenzied techno alter-ego of Colin Bailey. Many have seen the ferocious,
energetic live shows and heard his intense remixes of artists such as Hot Chip and Franz
Ferdinand. With his new 'Black Waves' EP on Civil Music, you can now hear the first new work
since the critically acclaimed 'Generation Hexed' album in 2010. A electrifying new live set that
sees a return to house and techno roots reflects the praise that's already been heaped on 'Black
Waves'. When Drums Of Death emerged he was nominated 'Best New Producer' by DJ
Magazine and shrouded in hype, with the release of his song-based album he was on the cover of
IDJ Magazine and now with 'Black Waves' it's about going back to basics. Behind the paint lies
an 808 heart beating, so it's back to the rhythms, back to the drums.




(Dust Surfers / Stall6 / ZH)


(LÖV Records / ZH)

Das Doppelpack mit viel Liebe zur Musik fand sich erst im vergangenen Jahr. Matija Weiss und
Chris Mono, beide langjährig erprobt hinter den Decks und seit Jahren Mitgestalter des Züricher
Nachtlebens (, Magnet, Quark, Floft etc.), trafen eher aus Not aufeinander, machten
daraus aber eine Tugend und entwickelten innert kürzester Zeit ihren ganz eigenen Stil, der sich
am ehesten unter Tech House-Folk zusammenfassen lässt. Spass und Freude stehen im
Vordergrund, da trifft schon mal eine Klarinette auf einen orientalischen Loop. Abwechslung ist
Programm und housige Tunes geben geradlinigen Techno-Brechern die Türklinke in die Hand.
Die zwei Hive-Residents beweisen mit jedem ihrer Auftritte, dass Clubmusik nicht nur bitterer
Ernst ist, sonder durchaus mit Witz, Abwechslung und viel Löv gespielt werden darf.


(Inteam / ZH)

Anfangs in Hamburg, Norddeutschland und Berlin–nun in Zürich: Jestics macht beständig seinen
Weg auf subkulturellen Trampelpfaden durch das Land der Elektronika. Als DJ  beglückt er
seine Audienz mit lebendig ineinander verwobenen, farbenfrohen und ewig groovenden Techno
-und House-Sets, als Veranstalter liegen ihm die kleinen unaufgeregten Sausen am Herzen (wo
man die Toilette noch beim Namen kennt).



(Dekadance / ZH) 

BEDA impresses the electronic music scene for more than 15 years. Minimal, house, techno or
ambient are just a few examples out of his repertoire. But beda is not very keen on
categorizations; he feels the crowd and is able to adapt his music to every atmosphere. The
native winterthurer might even mix some funky disco beats into his tracks.
It all began in winterthur in the 90ies, where he organized small but legendary techno-specials
together with his friends. That´s how beda, under different pseudonyms, managed to gain respect
in the scene. He soon got the ball rolling; he did various performances at parties in zurich and in
clubs in austria or germany. Some highlights in berlin were the gigs at the open air "nation of
gondwana" and the appearance in the famous club "tresor".
Today beda is an established value in electronic music and his talent is very appreciated in the
underground-scene. Beda rocks the place with his turntables and amazes night owls all over




(Dub Ex Machina / ZH)

Guyus ist DJ, Veranstalter und nach wie vor fanatischer Plattensammler. Zusammen mit betreibt er die Partyreihe "Dub Ex Machina", welche im Cabaret zuhause ist. In seinen
Sets spielt er Dubstep und eine Bandbreite von artverwandten Stilrichtungen, die sich am ehesten
unter dem Sammelbegriff "Bass-Music" zusammenfassen lässt. Deepness und Bassdruck stehen
dabei im Mittelpunkt.

HEPP live

(Spezialmaterial / ZH)

Spezialmaterial’s newcomer Hepp will release his by now nonamed EP n October. This can only mean one thing: Thou shalt be massaged by massive bass sounds!

As soon as Hepp gets busy on his electronic stew, it’s obvious that he’d got his hands on drumsticks very early on. From polyrhythmic live recordings of instrumental collages in the tradition of Mice Parade to more technoid bass sculptures; Hepp hauls electronica into the new age safe and sound, lays it down on dubby sub basses and rocks straight into the brain stem.

As a master of the understatement he keeps his basses tender and smooth at first to then take the synthetic play to extremes with the bass sounds reaching new depths. Following the precise construction of the tracks, you will no doubt succumb to the spheres of Hepp’s sounds.
Hepp has massaged souls in countless dj-sets far from any minimal hype. The sounds of the vinyl fetishist work like a cure in the droopy Swiss dj-scene and proves that deep and cryptic dance gems leave more of a mark than nodding dog-house that keeps the stylo gramps and grannies on the leash.

Laid, layered and mixed with Heppish precision ... like one of those expensive Swiss watches.



(Trepok Rec / ZH)

His album “Low-Speed Detonation” on Trepok Rec. brought to the point, what could be
observed in his many live-sets for a long time coming: a richness of bass-driven and heavy-
weight tracks, in which crackling sounds let themselves be chased by creaky acid-lines and
viperfish synthesizers. 
In May 2011, he released the EP “Drome” also on Trepok. His 6-Month Residence in New York
City and the Development of his mesmerizing „Pitch-Bass“ had a big impact on this record.
Futuristic Hymns, Tons of Bass and Beats under the Influence of Gotham City intensify his
cineastic Athmospheres in 8 Tracks.
Bit-Tuner has released four Albums together with Rapper Göldin on Quiet Records, he writes
music for films & theatre and he has collaborated with Omega Takeshi from 88:Komaflash,
Audio88 and Sensational from Wordsound / NYC and he produced Remixes for Oddateee and
Sole and the Skyrider Band.
In his energy-driven Concerts, Bit-Tuner oscillates between Downbeats, Electronica and Post-
Dubstep, while he pulls his Tracks together to become a gloomy, but still euphoric Bassmonster.





„The compression is always turgid like a pair of tits petrified by a wander bra.“

„Overwhelming and stretching to the last second.“

„Bit-Tuner is the master of booming basswalls and sweeping noises.“

„Sheets of squalling noise batter a bass-hrobbing pulse funky of design.“

„This man hits the bass running“



(Hula Honeys / ZH

 „dinky darkness & twisted sunshine“
Zurich-based DJ Nik! has been causing disturbance in his city with his sets and events for years.
As one half of the DJ-tag-team The Dean Soniks, as promoter of events like Evil Rave or
Trennfrequenz, as a third of the label Hula Honeys or as solo-DJ: his activities are always about
the connections between related music and styles, about music between tradition and innovation,
about heavy basslines and hymns. With releases on Hula Honeys and Quiet Records he makes
this spectrum visible: dub influenced Hip-Hop tracks here, Elvis inspired Electronica Dance
tracks there.
Nik! Has shared the stages of Clubs and Festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Latvia
with names like DMX Krew, Superflu, Koyxen, Donna Summer, Funckarma, Cylob, Ceephax
Acid Crew, Wisp or Otto von Schirach.