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Bucharest, Romania
([Emotional] Especial, Forgotten Corner)

Bucharests duo Khidja have been an active part in the local nightclub scene over the past years. After first appearing as co-compilers of the Romanian Jazz LP for Sonar Kollektiv, it was finally a remix for Baris K on [Emotional] Especial in late 2013 which put the duo on the want list of many tasteful DJs like Andrew Weatherall and others around the world. Two original EPs on [Emotional] Especial and Forgotten Corner popped up in spring 2014 and gave evidence that Khidja scheduled themselves to be around for the long term. Khidja’s productions are as impressive as their selections as DJs. Hailing from Bucharest a place full of contrasts and influences, Khidja really enjoy seeing people dance and love to see people get down. They like to surprise the crowd and live for the moment. They fervently search for music and mostly agree in unison about what makes an intriguing beat. There is a certain magic understanding and chemistry between them that is translated into their DJ sets.

We are happily looking forward to the magic soundscapes Khidja will bring for the first time to Switzerland and to the Lethargy Festival 2015.