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Βέροια, ΗΜΑΘΙΑ, Greece
(DFA Records)

Inspired by the rural environment of his hometown of Veria, Greece, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer Panagiotis Melidis started to write music as Larry Gus in 2006. Taking the primitive aesthetics of groove-based music, along with an obsession for late 60s and early 70s free jazz from an earlier project called Ginger, Larry Gus went on to combine them with sample-based ethics and crystal-clear psychedelic pop melodies, all merged into infinitely dense layers and polyrhythms. After hearing about his music, New York’s DFA label got in touch and released 2013 what might be the weirdest record with the iconic lightning sticker on it yet. With a refined vision, a gloriously transgressive live show and a new DFA full-length on the horizon, we are more than happy to welcome this sample-centric psych pop musician to Lethargy 2015.