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Geneva, Switzerland
(Electron Festival, Les Arts Minis)

Having participated in several music projects as a drummer and composer (les Tétines Noires, Von Magnet, Art Zoyd) as well as composed for contemporary danse projects, Jérôme Soudan is not only a hyperactive and prolific artist, he is also Electron Festival’s artistic director. In 1998, Jérôme launches his solo career under the ‘Mimetic’ moniker. His multifaceted music remains indefinable, mixing percussive and electronic sounds while playing with what has influenced him the most from industrial electro to techno.
In 2013, Mimetic releases his first album called “Where we will never go” which includes a remix and several collaborations with the likes of Mika Vainio, Niveau Zero, and Vorph from the swiss metal band Samael.
Mimetic has traveled around the world performing his live and DJ acts, and assuredly knows how to melt a crowd with his powerful techno sets. After having seduced a number of noteworthy swiss summer stages like Montreux Jazz and Paléo Festival, it is time for the man to make a halt at Lethargy!