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Bern (in Hell), Switzerland
(Voodoo Rhythm Records)

He’ll make your back crack, your liver quiver, and your knees freeze. And if you don’t dig that you’ve got a hole in your soul, so let’s give a big warm welcome for the Rev, your Beat-Man, everybody’s Blues Trash Preacher, the fabulous Reverend Beat-Man. The Reverend is not only a One Man band it is A MISSION for the Blues Trash church. With only a Guitar, a Kick Drum, 1 Hi Hat and a microphone Reverend Beat-Man tells you story’s about Dead, the Live about killing and about the lost love and about seeing the Light. Believe me brothers and sisters he will bring you on the wrong track of live and then gets you back to the blues trash church !!! God is said to be a DJ, the Reverend got the Devil inside, Lethargy 2015! Need to say more?