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Berlin, Germany

Michal Matlak is The Analog Roland Orchestra, formed in the early 2000s with the battery powered setup of Ikutaro Kakehashi´s classic instruments from the 1980s – the Roland TB-303, TR-606 and MC-202.
Michal´s musical carrer started in the early 90s as a violin player. As a teenager the switched from the classic instrument to a monophonic synthesizer and ever since then the world of electronic soundscapes, bleeps, acid basslines, eerie pads and evolving loops became a solid part of his life with the main focus on Roland´s early synthesizer and drum machine creations. The machines became part of Matlak´s mind and Matlak became part of the machines.
After releasing the live-to-vinyl “Patterns Series” on berlin based label Rotary Cocktail, The Analog Roland Orchestra returns to his roots with the mini LP “Dinsync” on australian Pressure Suit label. D´ont be fooled by its interlueds and downtempo. Matlak unveils the power of the machines, their true identity live on stage!

Pure and raw machine funk between dystopian dreams and orgasmic pleasure will come over the Lethargy Festival 2015.