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London / UK
(Hyperdub, Precious Metals NTS, Bala Bala Club)

Endgame’s music stems from an interest in deconstructing club culture, and pulling apart dance music into its component parts. Using corrosive melodies with a militant sound palette, and artillery like percussion to create an progressive and raw sound.

Endgame is part of an exciting new breed of uncompromising and genre less music producers and DJs from London. Through also hosting Precious Metals, a bi-weekly show on NTS for the past years, he has focused on acceleration and experimentation in electronic music.

You may have seen him hustling with the Bala Club crew London, a cadre of young artists who have their sights trained on the next level, or heard the news that he’s just signed to Hyperdub, one of the UK’s most important record labels.

Lethargy Festival is more then excited to have him with us in 2016!