• Leth17_Fairmont


Toronto / Camada
(Border Community, My Favorite Robot Records)

Jake Fairley aka Fairmont is an electronic music producer, live performer and DJ from Toronto, Canada. He began his career in the early 2000s making punk-rock-infused techno and electro under his own name for labels such as Kompakt, Sender and Dumb- Unit. However, it was his 2005 smash-hit Gazebo under his Fairmont pseudonym that solidified him as a heavyweight in the global underground scene. Released on James Holden’s Border Community label, Gazebo sold 20,000 vinyl copies, made Fairmont a household name and remains a club standard to this day. His partnership with Border Community would continue for several years.

After years of focusing on slower and more contemplative tracks, Jake is back to making prime-time club bangers. Meanwhile he has revamped his all-hardware live rig, focusing on a bigger techno sound as well ready to techno Lethargy 2017.