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    • Leth17_JustEmma


    Berlin / Germany
    (Underyourskin Rec.,Katermukke)

    They live above the clouds and their home is the sea.

    In the depth of the music you close your eyes. You close your eyes to open your heart. You open your heart to give in to the strength of the floating spaces of music. Welcome to the sound of Just Emma.

    They are the dj duo that makes you drift away from reality to a fictional journey into a different world. This is why the duo prefers to play during the early morning hours to attract the crowd with an ocean of diverse sounds.

    For more than four years Alex and Saskia have been part of the electronic music scene, spreading their driving, deep, hence melodic and playful sounds, focusing on spreading one message through their music to every single person: love!

    While Saskia’s musical skills developed during early childhood by piano lessons, Alex made first contact with electronic music with his “Minimal Lounge“ solo project. The duo have been releasing on labels such as Katermukke, Hanse Hertz, Plötzlich Music and Connaisseur Recordings, but it is by their own imprint at Underyourskin Records that has been causing abuzz lately on which Just Emma releases their dark and melodic interpretation of electronicmusic.