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    • Leth17_LordByronStyropor_1


    Dirty South / USA

    Born in Atlanta, Byron P. Styropor first grew to fame as a teenager for being one of the most talented skateboarders of his generation.
    From the early 2000s he struggled through a dark time of heavy champagne addiction, spent time in jail for public intoxication and ended up bankrupted and paranoid.
    In 2013 after a sky diving accident he decides to change his life. Self crowned Lord over a boozy night he starts to travel the world as the ambassador of lo-fi tripped-out gangsta rap.
    One of the most bizarre, paradoxical, and creative DJs on the scene, he has been playing in some of the most prestigious strip clubs of the world.

    “So hot that you will be willin‘ to lick his belly button“ JUICE

    „My LSD dealer is a big fan“ Nina hagen

    „I couldn’t say he is a genius but I would“ Ken Follet