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    • Leth17_Matrixxman


    San Francisco, USA
    (Goshtly International, Dekmantel)

    Amid a serious dearth of US techno producers in recent years, Charles Duff also known as Matrixxman, has been busy soundtracking the technological singularity that unfolds before us.

    The new force in U.S. techno has emerged in 2015 with the debut concept album “Homesick” on Ghostly International. Meanwhile on the 12″ front, a barrage of no less than 12 separate EP’s within a two-year period ultimately secured him a home with Dutch tastemakers Dekmantel.

    Both his production and DJ style deftly run the gamut from frenetic percussive workouts to more emotive, euphoric ends of the spectrum. Sci-fi and futuristic narratives heavily inform the body of his work allowing him to transcend the limitations of any one particular genre.

    His music has been played by Jeff Mills, DVS1, Levon Vincent, Rødhåd, D.B.X, DJ Qu, Anthony Parasole, Joey Anderson, Richie Hawtin, and Larry Heard, among many others.

    Last year, Matrixxman took some time off from touring to work on the new Depeche Mode album “Spirit”. Matrixxman was involved in the project as Martin Gore’s assistant and dealt with synthesizer and drum machine programming matters on the album.

    Now Matrixxman is back and will set the Aktionshalle on fire at Lethargy 2017.