• Leth17_ParanoidLondon


London / UK
(Paranoid London Records)

Paranoid London was born out of a desire to do things differently. They decided in 2007 that it was time for a brand new, old school acid label. Paranoid London got bored of how house music has developed and how labels got desperate to do anything in order to sell records.

The duo slipped into the world of dance music like a couple of punks crashing a house party – crude, scruffy, with an F-U attitude that made them stand out. Rolling out one sleazy acid riff after another, slurring distorted lyrics that are half Alan Vega, half Iggy Pop, the Paranoid London play unique and outrageously catchy house music, and they do it with a style that makes other live acts look like squares.

We can’t be more excited to welcome this illusive duo to Lethargy 2017 to perform their fabled live set. This is definitely not one to miss.