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    Berlin, Germany

    Robin Kowalewsky was born and raised in Berlin. Since his mother was already involved in art, he got in contact with art and illustrations quite early. When he started, he was influenced by the impulsive and multicultural vibe of the city and expressed his impressions in his art. His drawing style is highly influenced by aztec cultures, voodoo-esque creatures and african tribes. He was part of the project “Niis Puk”, which impressed with odd creatures and a total destinctive identity.

    Robin Kowalewsky started under his real name a new and very successful project. Besides his artwork for the label Plötzlich Musik, he is also spreading his illustrations on all kind of objects and let the audience experience art in a different way. Participation and interaction with the art as well as with the artist is bringing this project on the next level.

    Besides his regular artwork, he is touring and presenting his live-painting, visuals, creations and characters all over europe. This feature can be explored by the people and ads a further dimension to all kinds of events: Visibly emerging art.