• Leth17_TnTx


St.Gallen, Zurich / Switzerland
(Abbruchhaus, Third Mind Fiasco)

This twosome consisting of Trobot and Mitsutek have shaped the culture of electronic music and corresponding events in the eastern parts of Switzerland for almost two decades. Far removed from their solo ventures, T’N’T is fueled by eccentricity and the sheer pleasure of digging deep in the crates of their broad musical biographies. Delivering crafty excursions into the realms of discotechnical explosives since 2013 to discerning crowds from Paris to Belgrad.
Mitsutek has been relentlessly organizing parties and playing at seminal venues in Zurich and abroad under his label ‚Abbruchhaus’. His partner in crime Trobot has been an active digger and technology nerd since teenage years and involved in establishing various festivals and formats such as ‚TripThis Festival’ and ‚Tanz im Park’. Together with other dedicated accomplices they run the collective ‚Third Mind Fiasco’ to further unconventional formats for nonconformist electronic music.