• Leth18_CFO


Altadena / USA
(Hit + Run | Fleischman Audio)

Contact Field Orchestra (CFO) is produced by Southern California artist and musician Damon Aaron. In 2008 he came across a box of 7″ tapes at an estate sale in Altadena that turned out to be field recordings of a turn-of-the century orchestra of ex-miners; recorded almost entirely with hand-made instruments and contact microphones. This became the source material for a collection of celebrated releases with Hit+Run. CFO has also appeared on Giles Peterson’s compilation series “Brownswood Bubblers”, and contributed to Ninja Tune’s popular “Solid Steel” mix.

CFO’s latest edition, “Mapping The Futures Gone By” , furthers their exploration of dubby broken percussion and haunting found sounds.   Sirens and lasers accent plaintive woodwind arrangements set against mbiras and bluesy guitars.  Fitting in a time and place that’s uniquely it’s own, MTFGB is a travelogue to a lucid dream, a mining expedition or a trip to space-somehow nostalgic and familiar, yet somehow not at all.