• Leth18_JayHaze

JAY HAZE feat Hoffmann Ensemble

Planet earth
(TuningSpork | Contexterrior | Bpitch Control | Get Physical | Soul Jazz)

Jay Haze is the name behind a number of aliases and projects – Fuckpony, Sub Version, The Architect – these are just a few of the guises he uses when fighting his guerilla war against mediocrity on a daily basis.

Haze’s production career began in 1999 on the house-oriented TuningSpork. In the following years he launched a lot of different Labels like Futuredub (a home for downtempo electronic dub) or the techno- oriented Contexterrior.  Meanwhile the empire of labels he runs continues to suck in new fans like a vacuum cleaner. The Jay Haze story continues with pace, but it is a timeless and simple one, the tale of a man who makes, releases, and plays the world’s most psychedelic dance music.

Jay Haze feat Hoffmann Ensemble (D.Almada, R.Clematide, G.Christian) live at Lethargy Festival 2018.