SA. 14. August 2010


DJ Hell

 dj (Gigolo Records / DE)









decks’n’fx (MONABERRY / HERZBLUT / DE)




Gesammelt in den abgelegensten Wäldern des Planeten, inspiriert durch die
höchsten Berge der Erde und tiefsten Gräben des Ozeans, gebraut aus
Teufelsposaunen und Engelstrompeten, verfeinert mit geriebenen Zehennägeln
und gegärtem Hopfen und Malz, aufgespielt in Rock-Dur und Chill-Moll,
geprüft von Opa Herbert: SUPER FLU !

„Willkommen in einer Welt, in der knusprig gebackene Bassdrums den Ton angeben; in der Momratzn zu zwickenden Hihats zucken und dir Sprechblasen sympathische Bässe zuwinken! Du musst eine schwierige Entscheidung treffen? Super Flu empfehlen dir Doppelbrötchen mit Knoblauch und 6-Minuten-Eiern! Dein Equipment ist Schrott? Vertrau auf dein Gefühl, kitzel das Maximale aus der alten Bude und quetsch Inspiration aus allem, das du in die Finger kriegst! Dir fehlen die Ideen? Hör auf deinen Papagei! Mach Urlaub und trink Bier. Probier, (weißt schon, was zu machen, was du sonst nie machen würdest). Hör Jazz. Bastel was aus lustigen Dönerbuden-Namen, exotischen Instrumenten und Kinderspielzeug. Mit deinem besten Kumpel und mindestens einem gemeinsamen Lieblingsbäcker, viel Herzblut und einem großen Traum dahinter kann dir nun nichts mehr passieren…!“









Ever an energetic actor in the electronic music scene, Montreal based artist Guillaume Coutu Dumont maintains numerous collaborative projects, performing regularly in his hometown and around the world. Driven by his passion for hybrid forms of musical expression, Guillaume continues on his quest for the ultimate ham bone funk recipe with his solo project: GUILLAUME & THE COUTU DUMONTS a special blend of funk, house, techno, gospel, swing and afro-beat.

Influenced as much by concrete music as by techno, which he discovered one night in the midst of a lightning storm. Since January 2007, Guillaume has reached European soil. Like many other, he chose Berlin as his new home base. Traveling all around the block, he’s always looking to get the dance floors grinning with guilty pleasure. C’MON NOW SHAKE THAT ASS!



 live (Get Physical Music / DE)



LOPAZZ is best known for the quality, avant-garde club music he’s produced for labels like Get Physical, Cocoon Rec. and London’s legendary Output Recordings. LOPAZZ’s first self-titled EP of off-killer dance music was released back in the days by Trevor Jackson’s Output Recordings, followed by the singles ‘Blood’ (remixed by Tiefschwarz) and his first bona fide club hit ‘I Need Ya’. ‘Its success led LOPAZZ remixing Germany’s biggest pop acts, while techno legend Sven Väth snapped up ‘I Need Ya’ for his Sound of the Season mix CD. 

His debut-album Kook Kook is a perfect document of his witty and avant-garde electronic funk blueprint – playful, imaginative, intimate and impossible to pigeon-hole.

Since 2000 Lopazz has been performing live, most recently on an extensive World-tour, playing the hots pots and best clubs like D´Edge in Sao Paulo, Watergate & Berghain in Berlin, Soundwave in Vancouver, Fabric London and many more.

Restless as ever, Lopazz is currently dividing his time between the studio, where he’s working on new material with M.A.N.D.Y., Mastering-jobs for artists and labels. As the man himself says, “I have no message to preach – I just represent my music, and life...” 2010 its finally time for the LETHARGY crowd.




live (Civil Music / F)



The french synth-magician and producer sound like:

dEbruit’s music is a voyage through international influences taking in, and tweaking out, sounds associated with the Middle East, Europe, West Coast America and Africa. The Synth-funk futurist dEbruit follows his sold-out Let’s Post Funk 12” with this belting, four-track tour de force which looks set to further cement his status as one of electronic music’s most exciting, boundary-breaking and rapidly-rising talents.

dEbruit has recently relocated to London where he’s now completing his debut album for
Civil Music. Born and raised in Brittany, the sonically flamboyant Frenchman has become synonymous with high-calibre, genre-defying synthetic music crowned with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. As a producer, remixer and DJ, he successfully straddles hip-hop, dubstep, electro and beyond with his distinctive, chopped-up, angular beats. This summer has seen dEbruit take his increasingly impressive live show to Sonar festival, London Fashion Week and across Europe sharing stages with Afrika Bambaataa, Kid Cudi and Ethio-jazz legend Mulatu Astatke along the way.




 live (Gigolo Records / IT) 



What would happen if Divine were captured by disco aliens back in the day and were later beamed back down to modern times in Italy? The answer is closer than you think as made apparent by HARD TON, the biggest disco queen of the XXI Century. And if his body can only remind us of John Waters' muse, his voice pulls up itself to Sylvester falsetto's, hopping between accelerated beats and shameless acid sounds. He is omnivorous, he fed of the multilevel outfits of Leigh Bowery and of modern pop imaginary. With his 150kg, Hard Ton is a Giorgio Moroder low-fat grooves model meeting a heavy weight Chicago-sound queen machine.



live (Eklektik / F)



The conductor of the PETER DIGITAL ORCHESTRA, behind the red tie and glasses, underneath the pento and moustache, is a distinguished sound lover from Paris. He may look like he fell on earth from another planet (or another decade, at least), but his is a sound that very much comes from the here and now.   After two years touring his explosive live show, from the night clubs of Sofia and Detroit, to the festivals of Cannes and Lithuania, Peter Digital and his Digital Orchestra (some of you might know him as Fulgeance) return with his brand new ‘Local Hero’ EP. Citing influences as diverse as Jackson & His Computer Band, Si Begg, Zongamin and Aphex Twin, it’s brimming withdigital diversity, drawing inspiration from all areas of the ever evolving sonic make up of contemporary electronic music. Unlike many of his contemporaries in electronic club music, Peter takes the quality over quantity approach with his releases. His debut EP, the fantastic ‘Juicy Lady’ introduced Peter Digital Orchestra to the world and offered a fresh perspective on the increasingly derivative sound of the club music we like to call electro. Having found favour with international taste makers such as Mr Oizo, Matthew Herbert and Riton, it was a debut that catapulted Peter Digital Orchestra’s sound to the front of the most discerning record boxes across the globe. His latest offering ‘Local Hero EP’ on Eklektik Records has already caused a stir and been play listed by the likes of Kid606, Busy P, Birdy Nam Nam, Rustie, Hot Chip and more. His is a sound that takes all that we love about electronic dance music while crafting them into something entirely unique and unmistakably his own. The PETER DIGITAL ORCHESTRA live show is something special, using two MPCs and his trusty laptop to bring both his bass heavy, funked up electro, as well as every dance floor in the land, to life.





 live (Ipoly / DE)




 ALEC TRONIQ ist ein Musiker mit vielfältigen Gesichtern und Projekten. Ein Künstler, derjedem seiner Werke deutlich beweist, dass er einen eigenen Style hat und immer einepersönliche Note hinterlässt. Mit vielfältigen, kreativen Releases auf seinem eigenen Label IPOLY Music, sowie auf Microtonal, Etui, Broque, Cometomusic etc. bringt er seine Art der elektronischen Musik an die Öffentlichkeit. Die "alectronische Musik" schlüpft meist aus persönlichen Stimmungen und emotionalen Situationen. Als sehr gefragter Live Act zeigt er, was seiner Meinung nach auf den Dancefloor gehört und wird dieses Jahr die Aktionshalle zum kochen bringen.




live  (Bruchstücke / ZH)



Once upon a time (to be exact, it was in the year 2000) two innovative DJs and Live-acts from Zurich's techno-scene where booked together for a jam-session-gig at a small underground venue.... the rest is history!

The great feedback from the audience combined with the fun of playing live with a lot of machinery was the inspiration for Bang_Goes (Roland Widmer) and styro2000 (Marcel Ackerknecht) continue with this constellation, and so, since then they play gigs and make tracks together under the name „Die Galoppierende Zuversicht“.

The improvising and creating new grooves and sequences with drummachines, synthesizers and self-developed gear on the fly, keeps the music fresh and every performance unique. With this concept and their knowledge of how to move the dancefloor, the two swiss guys have played at several festivals, raves and clubs like Mutek, Fusion, Burning Man, Vision, Panorama-Bar, Privilege and many more...

The music is an amalgam of energetic drums and percussion, funky basslines, minimalistic melodies and a pinch of acid, just the right sound to burn the dancefloor and to elevate your mind. The LETHARGY-Residents will rock the place once again. Beware!








“JUDITTA, sympathetic devil spirit possessing me...friends which nobody really knows...tricking and rolling and sweating and shouting and jumping and always a smile...and a beautiful thing always in mind...where you feel hot and wet for sure you will find...!” NOBODY NOSE is a live project founded in the 2009 by two italian artists: Pettinato and Gianlukino. The aim of the project is to bring together the different styles and production knowledge owned by the duo and create a new homogeneous flow based on the desire to express themselves, communicate and have fun. The idea is to improvise most of the melodies in a live situation without fix a program, a genre, or a tempo before a show. The only target is to create a sexy ambient flanked by funny melodies in a dancing groove. Nobody knows what will happen...!?






Ihr LETHARGY-Debut konnten die drei Zürcher schon 2007 im Clubraum abliefern. Die eigenwillige Mischung aus Rock und Elektronik sorgt immer wieder für tanzfreudige Füsse und lässt auch Bandliebhaber glücklich werden. Denn wir reden hier nicht nur von Laptop und Drumcomputer, sondern von Schlagzeug, Bass und Gitarre! Der Ziegel soll bröckeln...







(Beatpirates / ZH)




RUMORY, Beatpirates Crewmitglied, diskreter Tausendsassa der Fury Club Partyreihe im Stall6. und bekannt durch diverse legendäre DJ-Abende in allen wichtigen Clubs Zürichs. Immer am Puls der Zeit und mit einer für Zürich wohl einzigartigen Bandbreite an Styles mixt er sich immer wieder von neuem elegant und gekonnt in die Herzen und Tanzbeine der Zürcher Nachtvögel.

Seit Jahren ein wichtiger Bestandteil der Lethargy-Crew, wird er uns auch dieses Jahr wieder eines seiner fulminanten DJ-Sets servieren.



(Abbruchhaus / SG)



Mit seinem Label „“ definiert MITSUTEK seit Jahren die elektronische Musikszene in der Ostschweiz und schafft mit seinem Engagement die Grundlage für eine kreative Bewegung jenseits des nächtlichen Exzesses. Sein Handwerk ist das Resultat jahrelanger Hingabe und einer Philosophie generiert durch die Nächte in den Metropolen dieser Welt. MITSUTEK versteht es, mit seinem eklektischen Repertoire aus Techno, House und Techhouse ein Lebensgefühl zu vermitteln. Seine stilsicheren Sets führen den gebürtigen St.Galler in den letzten Jahren immer häufiger in die Zürcher Clubs, wo er sich zunehmender Beliebtheit erfreut – zu recht. Denn bei MITSUTEK geht es um mehr als Party. Es geht um die Suche nach dem vollkommenen Moment.






CHIRI MOYA likes extreme dancing, sweat dripping ceilings and heavy bass in dark cellars. She's a DJ and party host based between Berlin, Rio de Janeiro and Zürich. Organizing the Tati Quebra Barraco concert at Bogen13 in 2004 was the ignition to play Baile Funk. Back then in the mix with Dancehall, Rap, Miami Bass and some 80ies oldschool, nowadays also joined by Kuduro, Afro-House, Baltimore, Ghettotech, Mashups, Dubstep, even Technotracks. LETHARY is looking forward to her skills. Word.




 DJ (Fabelwork / ZH)



Also known as the feminine part of 'UND' releasing on labels such as Trapez, Gigolo, Mobilee. Fabelhaft’s music may sound unfinished to some ears but it is a perfect finish in the world of Fabelhaft. One shots fall out of floating rhythms, interrupted by strange breaks of spoken words or sounds and change your mood from one moment to the other. All tracks are different, but they all have one thing in common: the reflection of her character. She laughs behind the decks and throws a train ride away as soon as she gets bored of it her self. She looks at the crowd, but lets the crowd follow her. Causing trouble, she solves her problems talking to the crowd: sometimes understood, sometimes not. Her DJ sets are difficult and funny, mixing fairy-techno with carpenters and sometimes also not. You actually never know what happens, some people like it and some don’t. She's hanging on the edge of the perfection of imperfection. Microphone is often taken in the hand when the prosecco tastes good. Compromises are rare. She plays you to heaven and sometimes to hell; "welcome to the magical world of Fabelhaft."




djs (Hula Honeys / ZH)




NIK! & SOULT - aka THE DEAN SONIKS - are a three man assault on the woofers of the world, known for their harsh, eclectic electronic sets. They play music for your dancing and listening pleasure - crossing borders as you wish.

TDS relish sweet sounds, banging beats and cheesy hooklines, mashing your feelings to a screaming rave signal. Simply put, it's all about dinky darkness and twisted sunshine.

Players DEAN and DJ SONIKKK - also known as Nik!, Jinxx, Soult, K-Fed or King Drops - teamed up many decades ago, first as promoters of borderline concerts and parties (such as *Evil Rave*, *The Harder They Come* or *Trennfrequenz*), then as djs. Sonikkk brought the credibility, Dean the distorition... Over the past years, they shared the thought of
expanding your lives while having a blast for themselves.Later, dj Panic from the ReggaeRiot SoundSystem and aka RBG, joined the fun to complete the trio. Finally, TDS are ok.