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    • Leth17_UNKLE


    London / UK

    Everything James Lavelle has created and initiated has been driven by the same irrepressible sense of curiosity and an incorruptible willingness to take risks.

    Since the early Nineties James Lavelle has been on a global roller coaster ride. It’s taken him from being an obsessive 18 year old indie record label boss (Mo’ Wax) to the heart of corporate record company darkness and back to the light with an array of dynamic visual adventures based around the collective musical experience of his UNKLE project.

    Obsessed with the collision of music, fashion and art James forged links with London fashion genius Alexander McQueen, was launched at London’s Museum Of Mankind and has produced collaborations with celebrated artists like Jonathan Glazer, 3D, Jonas Burget, Doug Foster and Turner Prize nominee Nathan Coley.

    The UNKLE crew has been populated by a bunch of serious players who have made a massive impact on the UK music scene and beyond. Tim Goldsworthy set up DFA records, Nick Huggett signed Adele, M.I.A and Dizzee Rascal, Damian Taylor is Bjork’s right hand person, Cameron Craig is a Grammy winning engineer and Jim Abiss and Paul Epworth are both producers at the top the game – think: Adele, Kasabian, Plan B, Florence & The Machine. Another UNKLE veteran Toby Feltwell went on to run Bathing Ape and Billionaire Boys Club with Nigo and Pharrell.

    Herein lies the journey of a hip hop, subway art, Massive Attack obsessed kid from Oxford. It’s been a wild and mind expanding journey. His focus is always on the future.

    James Lavelle loves dj’ing. It’s back to basics. He describes his five year long residency at Fabric as “insane”. And now he is back in Zurich to present UNKLE Sounds at Lethargy 2017. Watch this space.