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    Berlin / World
    (ACID TRIBE, Console, The Notwist, Smaul Records,…)

    Born in the 1970s/seventies in Bavaria (Germany), Martin Gretschmann started to play bass guitar in a punk/indie band in the late eighties. At the same time he became interested in the evolution of electronic music and its instruments.

    His first tracks were released in 1995 under the pseudonym „Console“

    Around the same time he joined „The Notwist“ to bring the electronic sounds into the band. He has been a constant member of the band ever since.

    After releasing several records, remixes and touring excessively, Martin finally decided to start another solo project:
    Acid Pauli, a club oriented live Set that evolved into an advanced DJ set over the years and incorporated not only techno and house, but all different kinds of music whilst always remaining on the dance floor.

    In 2011 Gretschmann moved to Berlin and of course got well connected there into the scene that includes clubs like „Bar 25“ and „Katerholzig“. Also he started a creative collaboration with „NU“ and the friends of the new artistic project of „The Feathered Sun“.

    Despite the fact that the artist Acid Pauli still seems in his early development, he played with his friend and colleague Damian Lazarus at the „Day Zero“ Festival. Moreover, he developed a „sound performance“ for an exhibition in Japan and performed on the „Robot Heart”stage at the Burning Man.

    Over the past year, he released several remixes, a collaboration with Monolink and a Feathered Sun record, as well as playing worldwide and hosting a weekly Ibiza party, Acid Sundays.

    Next stop Lethargy Festival 2016.
    Acid Pauli’s ACID TRIBE SHOWCASE including Feathered Sun live, Satori live & Nico Stojan.