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    London / Paris
    (Les Disques de la Mort / Kill The DJ)

    Ivan Smagghe belongs to a top table of DJs that journalists like to lazily describe as “The DJ’s DJs”. Ivan has the ability to play music like a raw conduit between his famously obscure records and the dancefloor’s strobe-soaked bodies, injecting something of himself seamlessly into the mix along the way.

    His genre defying/defining production work originally in Black Strobe and now in It’s A Fine Line has connected him to and garnered the praise of (amongst others) James Murphy, Trevor Jackson, Ata, Optimo and Andrew Weatherall. All fellow crusaders in the fight to prove that electronic music can be so much more than a one dimensional soundtrack for a night on the lash.

    You can catch Ivan subverting the masses on any given weekend, at venues such as Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, Bugged Out, Fabric, Rex and many more dancing dens of iniquity worldwide.

    And 2016, finally at LETHARGY FESTIVAL!