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    Paris / France
    (Astro Lab Recordings, Correspondant, Evrlst.inc)

    Vox Low are two guys from former band Think Twice – Jean-Christophe Couderc and Benoit Raymond – who’ve been composing together for such a long time, with shared taste for wild rock and radical new wave. Vox Low emerges then, with so powerful demos that collaborations start.
    Everything seems to begin as both say, with a sharing with Ivan Smagghe for a remix of their fantastic “I wanna see the Light” on Laurent Pastor Astro Lab’s “ Treasure Garden vol. 2 ” compilation, track featured in a Robodello’s mix for Kompakt too a few months later… Then come some outstanding remixes out as for Date with Elvis’ “Tears” (La Dame Noire) , and a lot of treasures already available on Soundclound, and/or about to be released on Astro Lab and Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant label.
    Vox Low’s music sounds like ante-dated, not as some electro-clash or electro-rock used to imitate former decades’ role to strike a pose, but anchored in our days for which club dance music and psyche rock energy match correctly at last, when a subtile alchemy between desperate voices, rock band accents and electronic elements happens. Long filthy loops sustained by a strong and heavy bass…

    MUSIC FOR ROCKERS, RAVERS, LOVERS AND SINNERS at the LETHARGY FESTIVAL 2016 = Vox Low with a special DJ Set & live Bass !